Renters Have Rights

You have the right to:

Refuse to sign a lease for a property you do not want

Refuse to sign a lease agreement that you do not agree to

Not to be turned down because you have children

Expect a landlord to repair defects that breach the warranty of habitability within a reasonable time after notice to the landlord

Not to have the rent increased or the provisions of the lease changed during the term of the lease, unless otherwise agreed

Limit entry by the landlord to that provided in the lease agreement, except in case of an emergency

Expect the landlord to refrain from any criminal acts against the renter

Due process of law, and you cannot be forced to move from the property without a court order

Rent a property without unlawful discrimination

Access and use of all government services (voting, school attendance) regardless of whether you own or rent your residence

Receipt of notice of a claimed default and a right to cure that default before early termination of lease

Certain protections if you are the victim of domestic violence, including the right to not be evicted

Refuse to renew your lease when it expires, if you do not wish to renew

The timely return or accounting of the security deposit after you move out of the property

(Source: Colorado Revised Statutes)